Our Services

Urban Dynamics offers the following town and regional planning services:

Spatial Policy Planning and Policy Formulation

• Spatial Development Frameworks
• Urban Structure Plans
• Precinct Development Plans
• Human Settlement Plans
• Development Guidelines
• Development Guidelines
• Growth Management Policies
• Area specific Densification policies
• Overlay planning (Environmental sensitivity zones, coastal setbacks, viewsheds, visual sensitivity, etc.)

Compilation, submission and facilitation of Statutory Planning Applications

Extensive proven experience in a diverse range of development application/rights acquisition processes from greenfield township establishments, agri resort developments, golf courses to multi story central city tall buildings, rezonings and precinct planning.

• Rezonings
• Subdivisions
• Special Consents
• Departures
• Removal of Title Deed Restrictions
• Amendment of Existing Approvals
• Site Development Plan Approvals

Land Use Control, Zoning Regulations and Development ruleS

Proven experience in the:

• Compilation of Municipal Zoning (Land Use) Schemes
• Compilation of Municipal Overlay Zone Schemes
• Compilation of Subdivision Layout Plans, Consolidations & Phasing Plans
• Growth Management and Densification plans
• Use of the “package of plans” process/rights acquisition to achieve a market flexible set of dynamic development rights.

Process Management / Co-ordination & Administration of multi-disciplinary processes

• Facilitation of Integrated multi-disciplinary Statutory (land use, environmental, heritage, etc.)
• Management and administration of multi-disciplinary professional teams during the statutory process stage of the development process.

Due Diligence, Risk Assessments and Cost Benefit Investigations

• Confirmation of existing zoning / development rights
• Determine development potential, optimizing land use development options of properties to maximise market conditions.
• Determine policy implications and the development risk for a specific development proposals
• Cadastral, servitude & title deed investigations

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) AND GEOMATIC Services

• Professionally registered GIS and Geomatic professionals
• Compilation of GIS geodatabases
• Visual presentation / mapping of GIS data layers
• Conversion of CAD information to GIS Shape Files
• Applying complex geoprocessing tools and performing database calculations and data layering
• 3D Terrain Analysis – Slope aspect analysis
• Detailed investigations into cadastral history, ownership, servitude rights