Urban Dynamics Cape, was established as part of a national town-planning consultancy in Cape Town in 1991. Since then, this professional company has played an increasingly important role in development planning in the Western Cape. We offer expert professional town planning services, in all aspects of the statutory process related to acquiring and unlocking land development rights. The professional services offered include spatial planning policy formulation, township establishment processes and the procuring of enhanced development rights, using the statutory rezoning, subdivision and consolidation processes. The company has built an impressive track record in leading complex large-scale multi-disciplinary statutory processes related to the acquisition of enhanced development rights for a range of development objectives.


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Municipal Spatial Development Frameworks

What We Do

Comprehensive, Professional Consulting Services

Our objective is to provide a high-quality focused consultancy service to all sectors of the South African property industry from private individuals, property owners, private developers, listed public property development companies and funds, as well as to municipalities and government departments. We pride ourselves in uncompromised integrity, quality of service, personal attention to client and stakeholder management, as well as the proven ability to manage complex and mega-scale projects by applying our many years of professional experience in innovative ways.

Spatial Policy Planning

Statutory Planning Applications

Land Use Control

Urban dynamics

Our ProfessionaL Services

The company is structured into a number of specialized services divisions. These broad divisions and services provided are:

Spatial Policy Planning

- Spatial Development Frameworks - Urban Structure Plans - Precinct Development Plans - Human Settlement Plans - Development Guidelines

Statutory Planning Applications

- Rezonings, Subdivision, Special Consents, Departures, Consolidations, Restrictive Title Deed Removals
- Spatial planning, Policy amendments, Township establishments

Land Use Control

- Compilation of Municipal Zoning (Land Use) Scheme Frameworks
- Overlay Zone Schemes growth management plans, densification plans and related regulatory frameworks.

Process Administration / Management

- Project Management, facilitation and administration of Integrated multi-disciplinary Statutory Application Processes (land use, environmental, heritage, etc.)
- including the coordination and management of multi-disciplinary professional teams during statutory processes.

Due Diligence Investigations

- Objective review and confirmation of existing zoning / development rights and the statutory conditions related thereto.
- The objective assessment of the development potential and development options of a specific property or precincts in terms of statutory application risk / viability and cost benefit, form an important part of this professional service.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

- Compilation of GIS (in house registered specialized GIS professionals) registered geo-databases
- Visual presentations / collation / synthesis and mapping of GIS data layers at all scales, from a National, Provincial, Regional District, Metropolitan and local level to a site specific level.

Our Projects