Urban Dynamics is a leading consultant town planning firm, established more than 30 years ago, currently retaining combined professional experience of more than 100 years.

Recent Projects

Urban Dynamics as established professional consulting Town & Regional Planners, have been involved in a wide range prominent and large-scale development applications / projects in the Western Cape, including the following:

urban dynamics


This project entailed a complex zoning application process for the redevelopment of an entire City street block within the context of the City’s central business district and the adjacent historical Bo-Kaap area. Working innovatively with the client (Ingenuity Property Investments) and the architects, Urban Dynamics succeeded in obtaining development rights for this, successfully completed, mixed use 60m tall development.

urban dynamics


The now fully constructed and operational CTICC East was at first considered an ambitious idea with opposition from many. Urban Dynamics worked with the City of Cape Town and the CTICC (joined owners of the CTICC), carefully planning the 2nd phase of the CTICC, which is now known as CTICC 2 or CTICC east. Located in the Fore Shore area of Cape Town, the site posed many challenges in terms of historic servitudes, access ways, heritage risks of sub-surface ship wreckages, etc. The zoning application process was successfully facilitated by Urban Dynamics, resulting in the CTICC 2 construction going ahead and contributing to the international convention offering of Cape Town.


Harbour Arch is the largest and most ambitious mixed-use precinct development, in central Cape Town is currently under constructions. The precinct includes a total bulk of 198 000m², comprising of six 100 metre high tower buildings on the 5 hectare site, located alongside landscaped public spaces, shops, restaurants, cocktail bars, international hotels, offices, health clubs and the largest selection of residential apartments in the CBD. The completed project value is estimated to be in excess of R14 Billion. .

This precinct will encapsulate the principles of new urban living, and present an opportunity for people to live, work, play, relax, and stay in a safe, convenient, enjoyable and sustainable community-focused environment, while enjoying fantastic proximity to the city and its surrounds. Urban Dynamics worked intensely with the Amdec Group in planning the project and applying the required statutory zoning rights for the precinct. The successful facilitation of the statutory land use process for this complex large-scaled project, resulting in City approval of the development rights, is one of the most rewarding and proudest achievements of Urban Dynamics.

- WCDSDF, 2020

Urban Dynamics undertook the strategic review of the District SDF for the West Coast District Municipality. The process included consultation with stakeholders at different levels of government as well as the public, to understand and spatially conceptualise the spatial vision and strategies for the broader district, to inform more detailed spatial planning at local municipal level. The WCDSDF was approved in terms of the Spatial Planning & Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) in 2020.

Frankendale Industrial

As lead consultants, Urban Dynamics undertook and managed the integrated multi-disciplinary rezoning and subdivision processes to unlock the massive potential of this ± 400 hectares of land in the northern parts of Cape Town along the N7 road. The application was for rezoning of the land from Agriculture Zone to Risk Industrial and General Industrial Zones, as part of an integrated multi-disciplinary statutory process. The approval of this project marks the only risk industrial development opportunity in Cape Town, including development rights for fuel storage, tank farms, energy generation, container port/ storage and heavy manufacturing.


Set within the Main Road of Green Point, Erf 2099 Green Point was considered by many as a severely constrained site with limited development potential, due to sensitive heritage surroundings and an awkward L-shaped site configuration. A tedious zoning application process was successfully facilitated by Urban Dynamics over a 3-year period, which was rewarded with land use approval for an 11-storey tall high quality residential building, to the delight of the client (Abacus & Nedbank). Now fully constructed, 169 Main Road in Green Point is indeed a brilliant development that Urban Dynamics is proud to have been involved with.


Urban Dynamics successfully undertook the zoning and subdivision applications of the properties located in the Solar City industrial area at the Cape Town International Airport. Following which the Site Development Planning process for DSV was successfully undertaken for their now fully constructed landmark 9 hectares under roof warehouse facility on the N2 road at the Cape Town International Airport.

– OSDF, 2020

The review of the Overstrand Spatial Development Framework (SDF) was led by Urban Dynamics during the period from 2018 to 2020. The process involved the assessment of the Overstrand Municipality’s spatial vision, understanding urban growth in the area and planning for sustainable spatial management of urban development, relative to conservation and other objectives and policies. The SDF was approved in terms of the Spatial Planning & Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) in 2020, now being the current relevant spatial policy to guide spatial planning decision in the area for the next 10 years.

Airport Precinct : Gugulethu

Urban Dynamics worked with the Western Cape Government: Department of Human Settlement and an experienced multi-disciplinary team, in the compilation of a Development Framework and subsequently undertaking the statutory rezoning application process on this 70-hectare site. The project is unique, given that it involves the formalised development of an existing informal settlement currently residing on a closed landfill site in the Gugulethu area. The development will mark a ground-breaking development of human settlement development on a landfill site, requiring specialist engineering interventions to prepare the land for servicing and development for human habitation.

204 Roggebaai

The old post office building in Walter Sisulu Drive opposite the Cape Town International Convention Centre was acquired by the ABC Group for development purposes. The existing 5-storey building is located on this narrow-shaped rectangular property in an excellent position within the City’s Central Business District. Through an iterative design process and urban design analysis, the concept was developed for a tall building to be developed on this property. Urban Dynamics lead the team of professionals and successfully undertook the statutory land use application process for the proposed 145m tall hotel building (tallest in Cape Town @ 2021). This landmark development will contribute most positively to tourism and to the international stature of the Cape Town’s CBD.


Located within the south eastern metropolitan area, the Oakland City development consists of a 470Ha area that was identified by the landowners and presented to Urban Dynamics for investigation in 2008. Urban Dynamics then lead a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to investigate the potential of the land, and subsequently planning an integrated settlement on this large land parcel. The outcome of the processes resulted in amendment of the 1988 Guide Plans to incorporate the land for development purposes. Subsequently, the rezoning application process was successfully undertaken by Urban Dynamics, and the City’s Municipal Spatial Development Framework now reflects the land within the urban development edge for urban development purposes. The approved development includes ± 15000 residential opportunities, industrial, mixed use, and commercial development, as well as schools, tertiary education facilities and a network of open space and conservation areas.